Nowhere in this whole wide world would you witness an amalgamation of more than 8500 young children showcase their talents in front of a massive audience at Siri Fort auditorium every year! It is the most awaited event of the year which is graced by the top dignitaries of the city. Each and every child of Mother’s Pride gets an opportunity to participate in this four day long gala with spectacular themes such as ‘Little Lions of India’ & ‘Love Blossoms Here’ and mesmerising performances that manifest the Indian art and culture in the most extravagant manner. The passion of the little ones, the undying efforts of the staff and the constant support from parents is what registered this event in the Limca Book of Records and continues to make it a success every passing year!
About Annual Day 2018:
The greatest gift you can give your child is to be a good, supporting and understanding parent. It is those who benefit from positive parenting who grow up with the right qualities and receive a promising future. We truly believe that when a child attends Mother’s Pride, so does the whole family. Thus, our Honorary Chairperson, Mrs. Sudha Gupta hosts special Parent Seminars where the parents are introduced to the Positive Parenting approach. The seminars help them understand the child psychology and how everything could be dealt in a way that their relationship only grows stronger.
Our favourite events of all Grandparents' Day is a special celebration dedicated to all the grandparents of the Mother’s Pride family. Here, fun & games and bringing back the childhood of all our Dada-Dadis & Nana-Nanis becomes our sweet priority. A lot of different activities are planned for the day to transcend back to their days of innocence and fun. They are also honoured for being such a great pillar of support for the family. This way, we not only inculcate in our Prideens family bonding values but also instill in them, respect for their elders.
Fashion fades away, but style is eternal!
Our little fashionistas and rockstars are a perfect example of the same! They rock the fashion show ramp with their elaborate gowns or funky jackets and truly set the stage on fire with their dazzling performances. We are certain that you will not be able to take your eyes off them as they showcase their confidence, grace and the extravagant spunk! The highlight of the show however, is how they leave you spellbound by hooting so strong social issues like ‘Save the girl child’, ‘Don’t drink & drive’, etc, through their speeches. Such stage exposure also bolesters the little ones’ creative expression, self-esteem and interpretation skills.
You’re never too young to develop an interest for sports! At Mother’s Pride, Sports Day is a perfect blend of all the sports activities that dissipate our aim of building self-esteem, team-spirit, practice and confidence among the students as well as aid to their physical development. At our Sports Day, what you’ll witness is the practice sessions for the Olympic Games 2050! From taekwondo, yoga to balloon race or other exercise, our champions stand victorious in it all. They also explore their hidden talents in a super fun way. This grand event comes to an end with a special prize distribution ceremony with the Honorary Chairperson, Mrs. Sudha Gupta who proudly felicitates the winners of the different categories.
A black belt is a white belt who never quit.
Our little champions of Mother’s Pride indulge in their favourite sport, Taekwondo, with a similar determination. Their kicks, punches and ‘yee-haa’ are a perfect testimony to how they are successful sportsmen in the making! They often get to participate in Taekwondo Championships in and outside the school such as the 12th Delhi State Sub Junior Championship where they compete in Individual Sparring and Self Defense routines. Their moves not only stun the audience but are a perfect manifestation of their expert training, perseverance and patience.
It’s that time of the year, the Christmas carnival is so near. It’s a day of love, sharing and giving, With bells and lights and tinsel, Let’s celebrate the memories worth reliving!
With the ‘Ho, Ho, Ho!’ arrives the Santa in town for Christmas to celebrate a year full of happiness and welcome a new year with new hopes and dreams. Our Christmas Carnival is one such grand celebration where thousands of parents and happy children have a gala time! A lot of games and food stalls are put up to provide them an unforgettable euphoric experience. To ensure entertainment to the fullest special activities are organised, dances are presented and magic shows are also hosted to captivate the children. The carnival have also been successful in flourishing relationship with the 3 years and their parents.
An end is a beginning of a new journey!
Every Prideen leaves a special mark on Mother’s Pride every passing year, a year filled of love, laughter, learning and a lifetime of memories. A preschool is where they begin their first journey of conquering the world as responsible global citizens. With loving teachers, a big gang of friends and so many amazing activities & events, Mother’s Pride certainly became their second home. Our Farewell is a fun-filled good luck party for the little ones who have spent so many happy months at Mother's Pride. This day witness mixed emotions as the children leave the school where they embark on a new journey by joining a formal school. The parents receive a beautiful album of their child containing photographs of his/her activities throughout the year on this day.
In an endeavour to give the perfect start to the most cherishable childhood of the little ones, we host a spectacular Baby Show contest. Here, the toddlers’ most innate talents are unleashed and their lovable qualities get the spotlight. The parents get an opportunity to witness their children not only coming out of their shells but also melting hearts of all the onlookers. It’s not only Delhi’s most awaited event for babies, but the cutest one!
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