Mom and Toddler program
"Studies confirm that toddlers learn and memorize better in the tender care of their mothers."

About Program

"Mom&I," an initiative from Mother’s Pride, is India’s first-ever program empowering mothers to actively participate in their toddlers’ early learning experiences. The three-month program is meticulously crafted for comprehensive toddler development and guiding mothers in nurturing their little ones. Following a structured daily routine, it targets five crucial aspects of development: physical, emotional, social, language, and cognitive. Beyond promoting independence, social activeness, and refining motor skills, it significantly contributes to strengthening the bond between mothers and their children. The program is rooted in scientific belief, acknowledging the development of a larger hippocampal region in toddlers, pivotal for learning, memory, and stress response for those who learn in the care of their mothers. As toddlers embark on their learning journey, mothers actively participate, creating everlasting memories. Continuous feedback from guides ensures optimal growth, making the Mom&I program an invaluable experience where both toddlers and mothers flourish together.
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Why Mom&I?

Helping Toddlers
In our Mom & Toddler program, we create a warm and welcoming environment where toddlers can engage in various activities that promote holistic development. From sensory play to cognitive exercises, we encourage learning through play. Through interactive sessions, we aim to foster the ability to concentrate, cultivate fine and gross motor skills, nurture independence, and actively encourage social interactions.

Helping Moms
The Mom & Toddler learning program at Mother's Pride Preschool in Punjabi Bagh is a wonderful opportunity for mothers to have a front-row seat in witnessing and actively participating in their tots’ early learning experiences. Mothers feel empowered as they learn effective nurturing techniques and connect with like-minded moms. Moreover, they get a chance to create cherished memories and strengthen their connection with their munchkin.

How Mom&I Works?

At our mother toddler playschool, we prioritize the comprehensive, all-round development of toddlers with our 'Flow of the Day.' Beginning the day with a welcome and settling song, our goal is to allow toddlers to create a self-identity, enhance language fluency, and inculcate a sense of community. Moving on to the activity of the day, we work on various themes every week that enhance gross and fine motor skills, build vocabulary, and encourage them to analyze, think, and solve daily life challenges. In addition, every day, we serve healthy, nutritious meals with the aim of instilling table etiquettes and promoting a healthy and balanced diet.

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