Mother's Pride offers special privileges to corporate staff. Various corporates have supported and encouraged us in our endeavor to reach the concerned and discerning young parents.
We understand that young parents working in corporates have hectic schedules, and yet they aspire to give their little ones the best education, ambience and security. Our workshops and group discussions by the team of experts answer the most frequently asked questions related to child rearing and development, parenting and eligibility criteria of formal schooling. Above all, our corporate partners cherish special privileges on the monthly fee of Mother's Pride and Presidium as we acknowledge and regard their association with us.

Prerequisites for the tie-up

We understand that the choice of a school is a personal decision of any parent and so there are no legalities attached to the tie-up. However, we seek your support to make this initiative a mutual success by:
  1. Issuing us a letter of consent & nominating a dedicated coordinator for all the purposes of communication.
  2. A communication should be broadcasted to the employees via intranet, where all the details are mentioned.
  3. Allow us to hold workshops or other interactive sessions with the staff.
  4. Allow us to organize special events/helpdesks to register children on the spot. We may also organize parenting seminars for transforming them into better parents.

For further queries

Our corporate clients include niche companies from various industries.If you happen to be a part of them and are not aware about the tie-up, don't miss on the golden opportunity. Talk to our corporate manager @ 7838654020 or email her at

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