A) Things to remember while filling up the admission form:

Prospectus and Registration form is available at the school reception and on the school website, or online registration can be done through school website.

Get the registration form photocopied and practice before filling the original form

The registration form that you submit in the school needs to be complete with all relevant information and supporting documents (as specified by the concerned school).
Incomplete forms are not accepted by any formal school.

The Registration Form needs to neat. No over writing or cutting on the original form.

Copies of all documents being submitted needs to be Self Attested.

Original Certificates may be recorded in a file as they can be asked to be produced at the time of admission for verification

B) During the parent- school interaction:

Parents should be formally dressed.

Be confident of yourself and your child.

You may update yourself on childcare and development by going through Parenting Books by our Chairperson and renowned educationist Mrs. Sudha Gupta.

Both parents should be aware of :
Child’s interest (likes & dislikes, behavioral pattern)
Each other’s educational qualifications
Interests (likes & dislikes)

Keep your cell phones switched off.

Body language conveys a lot of meaning. You should be attentive and be interested in the conversation.

Read the headlines in the newspaper on the day of interaction.

One person should answer at a time. When a question is addressed to one, the other should not interrupt. Try not to give negative answers.

Keep the original documents along with a set of copies.

Keep a pen, stapler, fevistick and paper clip with you.

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