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If you find your way into your lilliput's dream bubble, you’ll find an astronaut, a model or a political leader, every other day! At Mother’s Pride, we take every hypothetical dream of theirs seriously because tomorrow is always today’s dream!

We wish for our children to live what they imagine and be what they desire to be, by hosting numerous activities and celebrations. Love blossoms at this castle of joy with professionally trained teachers who leave no stone unturned to instill in the toddlers, education for life.


Here are a few snapshots of love captured in our premises!
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Presenting a glimpse of interesting happenings to take you on a trip to the Love Land!

What Parents Say?

  • Ayaan stepped into Mother's Pride in the month of October. At 2yrs 4 months, he spoke only 5 words and was totally uncomfortable around strangers. First couple of months were difficult for him but gradually, he started settling beautifully. He was engaged in plenty of activities such as colouring, craft, taekwondo, festival celebrations & performing on stage. Kudos to the efforts of the school that Ayaan is what he is today. Keep up the good work!
    Prideen : Ayaan Pangasa
    Mother's Name : Shweta Mehra Pangasa

  • Mother's Pride School (Pitampura G & JU BLOCK) has became a second home for my child, she thoroughly enjoys her time in school. She has improved in all areas like recognition of alphabets and sharing habits and I love her confidence now!
    Prideen : Yashna
    Mother's Name : Sarita Rathore

  • Mother's Pride is one of the best pre-schools. Management of the school is very good. I am highly satisfied with how my daughter has become so confident and speaks fluently now! In Mother's Pride the children get "THE BEST" foundation in near vicinity.
    Prideen : Mehar Kaur
    Father's Name : Kamaldeep Singh

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