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In a constant endeavour to revolutionise the education system, we at Mother’s Pride, ensure an overall development that is not only restricted to books or the four corners of a room but in exploring every child’s talent to its maximum capacity by hosting a plethora of activities for them that can instil in them, optimism and confidence.

Mother’s Pride is the only preschool with a research and development department that departs strategies as per the child’s psychology.


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What Parents Say?

  • As a mother, the one thing that is most important for me is to send my child to a school where the teachers are compassionate. In Mother's Pride, my daughter is receiving the much required individual attention that helps a child to grow into a confident and knowledgeable person. The teachers are doing a commendable job and I wish Mother's Pride all the success.
    Prideen : Syeda Ibrat Omera
    Mother's Name : Syeda Tina Tabin

  • I could feel a big change in Manan in last 1 year. This is all because of continuous efforts of the teachers of school. They have inculcated a lot in my child. I feel overwhelmed to see my child’s growth. I would like to thank the senior authority of school , his class teachers and all supporting staff. Commendable job by Mother's Pride!
    Prideen : Manan Sharma
    Mother's Name : Dr Shalini Sharma

  • This school has done amazing things for my child and his confidence. I wish all schools took the approach to learning and teaching as they do to inspire the kids. This school works for overall development of children. The tagline “LOVE BLOSSOMS HERE” actually works here. Love blossoms here every day.
    Prideen : Raghav and Shaswat
    Mother's Name : Tanushree Banerjee

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