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Children love selflessly and want the same in return. Everything revolves around this universal fact at Mother’s Pride at Ashok Vihar C Block. Their innocent questions and curiosity to discover more is always prized in the corridors of this 'castle of love'.

Home to several well-trained and loving teachers who can connect well with children instantly and make friends with their dreams and fears, Mother's Pride offers a home away from home for your young one. Their potential is realized through various playful activities to brush their talents and give them wings to fly high in their future endeavours.


Here are a few snapshots of love captured in our premises!
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Presenting a glimpse of interesting happenings to take you on a trip to the Love Land!

What Parents Say?

  • Mother's Pride is the best school in all school. Good atmosphere, Cooperative, Caring and talented teachers. Thanks to this school.
    Prideen : Kashvi Narula
    Father's Name : Mr. Puneet Narula

  • We are completely satisfied with our experience in the school. My daughter is really happy going to school. She has learnt a lot and with the interactive sessions it makes it more interesting.
    Prideen : Smera Gupta
    Mother's Name : Mr. Sakshi Gupta

  • I am very much happy and impressed with my child because she is progressing and learning very fast. She is enjoying in the school and told me about what she has done in the class.
    Prideen : Himadri Singh
    Mother's Name : Mrs. Yamini Singh

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