Mother's Pride has always emphasized on making learning a fun-filled experience for the young Prideens. With this objective, we have introduced a range of books that ensures that our Prideens stay engrossed in learning, till the very last page.


These books are specially created by the in-house team and help to engage the child and encourage him/her to learn through pictures and text. These captivating books with colourful pictures are easy to follow, involve parents and showcase the child's work to instil pride in him/her for the work he/she does. With these beautiful books, learning by doing is a lot of fun.

The various Curriculum Books created in-house for the level of Play Group and Pre Nursery School Delhi are as follows:

My First Book of Fun
My Wonder Book of Activities
My Wonder Book of Letters

Children learn a lot with rhymes and enjoy doing actions. To facilitate this, beautiful rhyme books for English and Hindi have also been created for Play Group and Pre Nursery:

Jingling Rhymes
The team has also created subject-based books to facilitate learning in classrooms for Nursery and Prep:

The Pleasure of English (Term 1,2 &3)
Hindi Ka Karishma
The Magic of Mathematics (Term 1,2 &3)
The Experience of TBL (Term 1,2 &3)

Specially designed rhyme books work as teaching tools that introduce and reinforce the phonetic sound and recognition of letters. The rhymes are also specially created by the in house team:

Garden of Verses
Kavita ke Moti

Teaching Learning Material

Preschool teaching aids play a vital role in the curriculum. They help keep the kids enthusiastic about learning concepts. This also gives firsthand experience to children and helps in effective implementation of the activities. The team at Mother's Pride has created host of Teaching–Learning materials on their own and also use the best teaching aids available which are handpicked by our expert team.

Flash Cards for all concepts – Fruits, vegetables, Animals, Birds, Dominoes
Story Cards
Picture Reading Cards
Odd one out/ What is missing/ Find the difference cards
Touch Trays/ Feeling Cards
Seriation Tower
Puppet Theatre
Alphabet / Number Tree
Self – help kit
Wooden Abacus for Object Counting
Zig Zag Spirals / Spiral table for eye – hand coordination / Motor Skill Development and many more…

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