Leader is someone who believes in his beliefs, someone who doesn’t succumb to the pressure of others, the one who has the ability of independent thinking and the strength of mind to rise in the wake of challenges. Such a quality can only be inculcated through conscious efforts by parents.

Give your child freedom to explore

Let your child try out new things and experiment instead of issuing a set of instructions or always warning him. Let him develop the desire to discover and confidence to take risks.

Encourage your child to take decisions

Trust your child to take decisions like give him freedom to decide the kind of clothes he wants to wear, what could be the menu for the party or what he wants to do during holidays. Let him learn from a bad decision or feel confident after taking a good decision.

Give your child opportunities to lead

Extend the same support and encouragement to your child when he wishes to participate in declamations, dramatics, or wants to enroll in school clubs, community activities, etc., as you do when it comes to academics. These are the golden opportunities for your child to sharpen and exhibit his leadership skills.

Let your child follow his dreams

Behind every success is a dream. Don’t scoff at your child if he wishes to be a scientist or be a radio jockey. Respect your child’s individuality and let him follow his instincts rather than imposing your choice.

Be a source of confidence for your child

As a parent, your words of encouragement can give your child the confidence to accomplish anything in life. So don’t ever criticize or condemn your child for any initiative he takes. In case of failure, guide and assure him that there is always another chance. This way, your child will bloom into a personality raring to take charge of his life and the world as well.

This article appeared in Hindustan Times

Sudha Gupta

Mrs. Sudha Gupta, Chairperson of Mother's Pride Pre-School and Presidium Senior Secondary School, is a sought-after expert on parenting.

  1. Ravi Kumar

    Mother’s pride has done great job for my daughter. As a parent, I have seen my daughter building confidence and learning. It’s one of the best and safe place to send your tiny tots. Thanks to all the teachers and staff.

  2. Munish gupta

    Mother’s pride has done great job for my children .it is the best and safe place for kids.Thanks to all the teachers and staff.

  3. Munish gupta

    Mother’s pride focuses on overall development of the children. It builds up self confidence in the children. Mother’s pride is the best choice for parents as I have sent both my children here and I have been satisfied by them.

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