The IQ of a child just doesn’t depend on the genes alone, but the opportunities he/she gets to use his/her mind. Children between the age of 2.5 to 5 years are at a stage of cognitive development when their thinking is governed by their perception and they learn through first hand experience of the environment. Children at Mother’s Pride are given opportunities to learn how to be analytical so that they can successfully deal with life situations.

Sensory Development

The development of the five senses, i.e, seeing, hearing, touch, smell and taste is basic to the process of knowing and understanding. The more varied and extensive the sensory experiences, the broader will be the child’s base for forming ideas. Our sound boxes, touch & sniff boxes, audio-visual aids, smell tray and tasting kits help the Prideens get a grip on all five senses with ease.

Problem Solving and Reasoning

Who doesn’t love puzzles and block towers? At our intellectual development centre, the children learn through an integrated approach with our self designed teaching tools. They are encouraged to find solutions to diverse challenges such as solving picture puzzles, building a seriation tower using their own logic, learning tens and units of mathematics through a ‘Ganit Mala’, etc.

Development of Basic Concepts

For holistic development, it is crucial that different concepts are clear to the students. They should be able to observe, discriminate and categorise different objects in their environment and progress from ‘perception bound reasoning’ to ‘logical reasoning’. To achieve this, we host special days that introduce a particular concept to the students, such as, ‘Colour Blue Day,’ ‘My Favourite Cartoon Day,’ ‘Introduction to shape Triangle day,’ or ‘Introduction to numbers’ as a part of the development of prenumber concept. Different activities are conducted on these days to help them match, identify, name, compare and classify the objects. We also follow a monthly theme which are an amalgamation of all these concepts.

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We are all witnessing an unprecedented challenge posed by the global outbreak of COVID-19 Pandemic. As the world hunkers down to halt the spread of the virus, it’s also essential that we do not let the Pandemic act as a barrier to the learning process of the little ones. 

In line with this view, the academic team of Mother’s Pride has come up with a special Program of Online Classes for the session 2021-22, with prime focus on the Holistic Development of the children. Our daily classes are a healthy amalgamation of conceptual and co-curricular activities, fostering the overall development of the tiny tots. 

Concept Based Learning

Our scientifically planned curriculum is designed, keeping in mind an integrated approach and age-wise milestones, to systematically cover all major concepts like:

  • Body Parts 
  • My Family 
  • Fruits  
  • Vegetables
  • Colours
  • Alphabets
  • Numbers 
  • Positional & Spatial concepts

Co-Curricular Activities

A wide variety of Co-curricular activities contribute to the overall development of the children while making their experience of online classes an enjoyable one. Our curriculum offers a great blend of activities that cater to all the domains of development in the little ones: 

  • Yoga
  • Taekwondo 
  • Story Narration 
  • Creative Hands
  • Dance 
  • Celebration 
  • Event

Meals with Friends

To teach our tiny tots table manners and to inculcate a sense of togetherness, we have dedicated one day of every week where our Prideens enjoy their meals with their friends during the Online Classes. Week wise menu cards are also shared with the Parents.


Building an understanding of the cultures and traditions at such a tender age will certainly leave imprints of patriotism in their hearts forever. We love celebrating each festival with immense joy. Be it Independence Day, Earth Day, Janmashtami, Baisakhi, Diwali, Holi, Eid or Christmas. 

Monthly Birthday Bashes

Birthday celebrations are the perfect source of boosting the positive self-concept of the children. We organize a special Virtual Birthday Party for our tiny tots to make their birthday celebrations memorable with fun activities like, House Hunt, Simon Says, Guess the Sounds, etc.


Gross motor skills are the abilities usually acquired during childhood as part of a child’s motor learning. By the time they reach two years of age, almost all children are able to stand up, walk and run, walk up stairs, etc. These skills are built upon, improved and better controlled throughout early childhood, and continue in refinement throughout most of the individual’s years of development into adulthood. 

Enhancing Strength & Stamina

We, at Mother’s Pride, organize physical activities like Taekwondo classes to help our tiny tots build their strength & stamina. Prideens also love their energtic taekwondo sessions wherein they learn perseverance with their kicks and punches. 

Physical Development via Yoga

For toddlers, the benefits of practicing Yoga on a daily basis are manifold. Other than fostering the development of fine and gross motor skills, Yoga also helps strengthen children’s growing bodies and helps them improve their flexibility.

Building Muscle Power

Covered with mirrors from three sides, our ball pool is filled with balls of myriad colours. When the temperatures soar, children play indoors at the ball pool where they throw the balls at each other, lie down, jump and simply be themselves. It is also a teaching-learning playground where children learn about colours & shapes and develop gross motor skills.

Strengthen Your Bones & Muscles

We also organise an annual Sports Day wherein our budding sportsmen participate in different competitions which include racing, rabbit jump, etc, which help in strengthening the gross motor skills of our little ones.

Free Play For Holistic Development

‘Play is the answer to how anything new comes about!’ Playgrounds are places where the children enjoy the freedom to imagine, learn and explore the world at their own pace. Our colourful play area has been designed keeping in mind all the safety measures. Special emphasis has been laid on the play courses which allow the toddlers to run, jump, hide and enjoy the outdoors. The swings, slides, see-saw, and other fun toys also enhance the gross and fine motor skills of the little ones.


What good is knowledge that cannot be expressed! Language learning provides the foundation for all later learning. By the time children enter pre school, they are already using a language at home. We, at Mother’s Pride, give children the right experiences and environment to increase their vocabulary steadily and rapidly.

Development of Listening Skills

We organise circle time as a part of our daily schedule as well as conduct story-telling sessions and show the students cartoon movies to develop their listening skills. During these sessions they also learn sound discrimination such as ‘voices of different animals’ or the sound of clapping, etc. To help them develop an ear for phonics, we conduct many activities using our phonic card box.

Reading Readiness

Here is when our specially designed curriculum books come into picture. Through the visuals in the books, children learn to identify objects as well as situations. Special introduction to letters activities are also conducted so that they can gradually identify letters and words mentioned in the book.

Development of Oral Expression

Kids are natural storytellers. Storytelling is a fun, easy, and natural process of fostering oral expression in them. With such activities, children are able to express and communicate their feelings and understandings in their own way. This way they learn to create sentences and use correct grammar.

Development of Vocabulary related of Body, Home and Environment

Children are indulged in fun conversations and action rhymes to introduce them with the vocabulary related to their body, home and environment. Picture reading cards, role play and dramatization are also used as a medium to enhance their vocabulary when it comes to the socio-emotional scenario.

Strengthening Semantics

Children are indulged in fun conversations and action rhymes to introduce them with the vocabulary related to their body, home and environment. Picture reading cards, role play and dramatization are also used as a medium to enhance their vocabulary when it comes to the socio-emotional scenario.



As parents, we don’t realise that even climbing the sofa or imitating mama in the kitchen is a part of the learning process of the child. This is because we think that our kid is completely naive and dependent on us. And therefore we deny him or her of the right environment and exposure at the ‘Right Time.’


  • The mental and the physical growth of your child is most rapid between 2 to 4 years.
  • He/she can demonstrate amazing physical skills, think logically, manage simple tasks independently, speak few words or short sentences & happily stay apart from you for longer periods, etc.
  • It is NOW that he/she gets the right stimulations and starts responding. The RIGHT ENVIRONMENT helps in developing the child’s ability to learn, communicate, trust, love & develop confidence & positive self esteem.


More often than not, we are concerned that our little one might not be able to manage without us or accommodate with the surroundings easily. We have a range of anxieties about him/her like

  • She has never stayed away from me!
  • She still hasn’t started speaking!
  • My son isn’t toilet trained!
  • My daughter cannot eat by herself!

But given the right environment and guidance, any 2 year old can turn things around in his or her favour. He/she can become independent much faster when the child joins Mother’s Pride and also be part of a healthy peer group.

All your little wonder needs is a SAFE, FRIENDLY, and CARING environment.

We, at Mother’s Pride, understand your concerns and therefore provide your child with a stimulating environment where he or she can easily settle down comfortably. Inspired by the renowned parenting expert, Sudha Gupta, we help your little darling feel at home. So that he or she can develop a relationship with his or her environment and can enjoy learning every bit. During the settling days our specially trained and competent staff ensures that

  • They get a lot of care and personal attention.
  • Specially designed interesting and healthy meals are served to them.
  • They enjoy every moment spent with us.
  • Special activities like welcome by balloon seller, magic show, movie time, water play, theme parties, dance parties, etc., are conducted to make learning truly joyful.


Chairperson of Mother’s Pride, India’s most loved pre-school; Sudha Gupta is actively involved in developing new skills and techniques in child-handling and parenting, and upgrading the existing ones. Her expertise and streamlined approach has made every child here a distinct personality in many ways. She has also authored many books on parenting, and shares her experience through articles in many leading journals and magazines like The Times of India, Hindustan Times, India Today, etc.




Creativity: Creating Genius

To create is an innate human desire, the most consummate skill and the mark of true genius. Our curriculum is designed to immerse children in activities that inculcate creativity and divergent thinking as a habit and skill.

Curiosity: The Joy of Learning

A curious mind is a healthy mind. Our classrooms are forever bubbling with quality questions. We believe that curiosity is the first step towards critical thinking. Consequently, our faculty works patiently to stimulate and satiate the curiosity of our tiny tots.

Confidence: The Greatest Gift

Confidence building is a gradual process and not a string of endless empty compliments. Through classroom chores and activities we instil a sense of accomplishment in children that motivates them to accept challenges and explore novel avenues.

Imagination: A Vision of Possibilities

Imagination is an extension of reason, a skill that permits us to immerse in a world of possibilities. Often, the playful imagination of children becomes the stepping-stone to the world of knowledge. When children are allowed to imagine, concepts come to life and learning becomes permanent.

Art: A Catalyst of Growth

Aesthetic appreciation is not just limited to arts; it creates a connection between a child’s cognitive and emotional intelligence. A planned and systematic approach towards aesthetic appreciation of arts helps children to transfer their acquired skills to other subjects and eventually to life.

Growing towards Greatness

Talent today has diversified beyond imagination; our dedicated faculty works meticulously to identify, value and polish the unique talent of each child. When children grow from their strengths and passions, they feel empowered to attain glory and greatness.

Fine Motor Skills: Perfecting Small Movements

Mastery over fine motor skills is a crucial part of early childhood development. Be it the palmar arches, wrist stability, intrinsic hand muscle development or bilateral hand skills, our teachers ensure that children acquire these skills successfully to move ahead in their life and academic journey.

Gross Motor Skills: Milestones Made Easy

Strengthening gross motor skills is more complex than it appears. With meticulously planned curricular and co-curricular activities, our teachers help children carefully develop their gross motor skills through practice and repetition in a controlled and coordinated environment.

School: A Space for Adventure

Our school’s infrastructure and teaching material are designed to provide children opportunities to learn, explore and grow organically. We encourage curiosity and reward creativity both inside and outside the classroom.

Art in Action

Integrating arts in education has immediate and visible outcomes. Immersing children in arts channelizes their energies in a positive direction. A hands-on approach to art education provides a medium to connect with school curriculum and new knowledge.

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