Today children are being fed with ready-made information at school, tuitions, books, media, etc. Consequently, children have stopped looking at fresh angles or wondering that there could also be some other way. Encourage original thinking in your child, for this is one trait that will make him a leader wherever he goes.

Give room for ideas

If your child spends the whole day with text books and at the tuitions striving to get 90% marks, when would he get time to think, observe, analyse? Give space and time to your child to generate ideas.

Don’t set limits for your child

Originality has no limits. It is neither age bound nor area specific. It can come forth in your child’s ability to use words, paint with colours, create music or even solve a problem. Welcome and appreciate your child’s new ideas and suggestions. Encourage him to challenge the usual, and ask you questions about things that intrigue him.

Bring out the genius in your child

Play games which will trigger your child’s imagination like making cards, creating rhymes, making a story out of a series of pictures and inventing games for the party. Encourage him to handle his school assignments and projects the way he thinks is right.

Choose a school that encourages children to think fresh

Opt for a school that allows children to explore, learn through first hand experiences, and acknowledge their new ideas and not believe in spoon-feeding knowledge.

Support your little genius

A child can recognize his ingenuity and have the confidence to declare his ideas to the world with aplomb, only when he has his parents’ unconditional support. Da Vinci, Mozart and geniuses like them could not have made their mark without their parent’s love, support and appreciation. So, God has done his job by gifting you a beautiful child. Now it’s your job to bring up a gifted child.

This article appeared in Hindustan Times

Sudha Gupta

Mrs. Sudha Gupta, Chairperson of Mother's Pride Pre-School and Presidium Senior Secondary School, is a sought-after expert on parenting.

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