Designing and effectively implementing comprehensive strategy.
Ms. Neerja Chawla is a vibrant and determined professional. With more than 18 years of experience and expertise to her credit, she serves as Regional Head, Admissions for Mother’s Pride. A graduate in Arts, her professional qualification includes Diploma in Advertising and Public Relations.

With great leadership qualities she is handling multiple tasks effectively. She is responsible for directing and coordinating all the admission programs and procedures without compromising on organizational policies. She effectively confers and explains all admission requirements to the staff and is quite competent in handling functions including sales and marketing. She is capable of designing and effectively implementing a comprehensive strategic plan and even directs the admission strategies.

With 10 years of experience as Centre Manger with NIIT, she has been able to display remarkable business skills and has helped in every way to enhance the organizational goals. She has been part of workshops and trainings to her credit adding to the enrichment of her own and therefore, organization’s overall development. Her dedication with Mother’s Pride shows her loyalty and integrity since her eight years of association with the institution.

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A Versatile and dynamic leader .

ANIL GOEL Group Director

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ANCHAL AGNIHOTRI Operating Officer

Highly dedicated professional

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