The infrastructure of Mother's Pride provides a stimulating environment for children. The colourful corridors and classrooms are specially created to appeal to the children, to help them develop a relationship with the school environment and to make learning an enjoyable experience, at their most loved preschool.
The RIGHT ENVIRONMENT helps in developing the child's ability to learn, communicate, trust, love, develop confidence and a positive self-esteem. Working on this approach to bring about the holistic development of the child, various development/activity centres have been created:
Intellectual Developmental Centre
A place where each and every aspect of a child's personality is honed - like basic intelligence, motor skills, logical thinking, problem solving, observation power and so on. There is a daily session with the teacher who helps the child do puzzles, build blocks, learn from flash cards, use tools like the hammer set, buttoning and zipping the joker, etc.

Galaxy (Computer Library)
This is an endeavour to equip and create awareness in the children about the latest technology. Children visit the galaxy, and learn skills like clicking and dragging, alongside developing awareness about various parts of computer. The aim is to inculcate basic awareness about computers and to facilitate children to acquire basic knowledge on how to handle them.

Stage exposure enhances children's confidence levels. This feature is a great platform for children to develop life-skills such as leadership and freedom of expression. Stage exposure eliminates stage fright and further leads to social development as well, wherein they learn to work together and wait for their turn.

Ball Pool
Covered with mirrors from three sides, the room is filled with balls of myriad colours. Children love to throw the balls at each other, lie down, jump and simply be themselves. It is also a teaching – learning playground where children learn about colours and shapes. Further, it also helps children develop gross motor skills.
Doll House
This is a virtual world that helps in children's social development. For them, dolls are representatives of themselves, their family members and other individuals in society. Dolls house is an activity centre where children are allowed to play independently. It provides independent social exposure and allows children to play freely. Children also get an opportunity to learn on their own with role play activity - as mother in the kitchen, fathers getting ready for office, etc. Children are not instructed by teachers all the time; they carry out all the imaginative games on their own which leads to socio-emotional development, as well as other developments as well.

Projector Room
This resource facilitates visual learning. Children relate to cartoons, movies and therefore have fun while they learn. The big visuals on the screen catch the child's attention helping the teachers to use it as a teaching tool for learning.

Splash pool
To beat the heat of the summer, children enjoy a dip in the water in the splash pool. Rain dance is also organized in summers, which is much enjoyed by our little wonders.