Why is that parents justifying that their child is stepping into teenage, so it is quite natural for them to act like a rebel? Isn’t it possible, that your teenager listens to you just like they did as a toddler?

Let them grow out of your shadow

A teenager is desperate and confused on how to assert their identity. And when parents    try to restrict them, give them instructions, they rebel. Parents should accept that their child has grown up and respect their need for freedom.

Respect their privacy

Let your child spend time in their room by themselves or with friends, without time and again expressing displeasure about this fact. Don’t ever try to go through their belongings, spy on their friends, or constantly keep track of their whereabouts. This will disturb your child and make them feel that parents don’t trust them.

Be a friend to your teenager

Develop a relationship where your teenaged child feels comfortable to share their feelings with you – may it be on sex, girls, fear of failure or anything, just like they do with friends. Open communication is a must if you want to help your child in their teenage.

Give a strong value system

You can’t tell your child all the time what to do and what not to. Let their conscience be powerful enough to guide them. A child, who is brought up in a home where culture, traditions & values are respected and followed, can never go astray.

Be there for your teenager

Parents often feel that now their child is too grown up for hugs or there is no need to express love. But teenage is an age when your child needs you even more. Have warm chats, express your understanding, and assure your child that you’ll love him no matter what. These gestures of love and empathy will bring them closer to you.

This article appeared in Hindustan Times

Sudha Gupta

Mrs. Sudha Gupta, Chairperson of Mother's Pride Pre-School and Presidium Senior Secondary School, is a sought-after expert on parenting.

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