Every parent wants his child to be a winner. Even though you cannot ensure your child’s success, you can give him the right tools to build his future. Bring up your child in an atmosphere where he can acquire and develop these tools which will serve as an asset for lifetime.

Self-management skills

Let your child take charge of his life now itself. Let him be independent and organize his daily routine, manage his time, take decisions and solve problems on his own.

Leadership skills

Make a leader out of your child who doesn’t fear to experiment. Instil in him faith in his abilities by saying, “I know you can do it”.

Communication skills

Encourage your child to develop self-expression, form and express his views and opinions without the fear of your judgment.

Interpersonal skills

Exposure and opportunity to make friends and deal with all kinds of people will make your child comfortable with people, a skill that is required to be successful in both professional and personal life.

Skills to handle failures

Inculcate in your child the confidence to take failures in stride and learn from mistakes rather than letting downfalls stress him out. Give him the gift of positive attitude; he’ll see light at the end of every tunnel in life.

This article appeared in Hindustan Times

Sudha Gupta

Mrs. Sudha Gupta, Chairperson of Mother's Pride Pre-School and Presidium Senior Secondary School, is a sought-after expert on parenting.

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