Did You Hug Your Child Today?

In the race of life, at times our concerns over run the love for our children. It is not that the love diminishes but we stop expressing it. But hugging your children is as important as giving them meals, and at times even more important.

A hug for everyday

You don’t have to look for a reason to hug your child. Don’t wait till your child’s birthday or till he or she scores good marks or gets home a trophy. Hug them even when there is no reason. For no reason can be bigger than love.

A hug for every age

Where chubby little children get kisses and hugs like their daily dose of milk, it’s when children grow up, parents think maybe it’s alright to skip hugs from the routine. But children need and love hugs at all ages.

A hug for confidence

Your children will feel wanted, cherished, and important whenever you hug them. This kind of expression of love by parents adds to the child’s confidence and self esteem.

A hug for misunderstandings

When things go wrong, a hug can say more than a thousand words. This heart to heart non-verbal form of communication always works and is never misunderstood.

A hug for love

Cuddle your child, embrace him or her in your arms to show your love without having to say ‘I love you.’ Your child will also learn to express his or her love and develop a loving and caring nature. When you love your child so much, you might as well express it too.

Sudha Gupta

Mrs. Sudha Gupta, Chairperson of Mother's Pride Pre-School and Presidium Senior Secondary School, is a sought-after expert on parenting.

  1. Aneeta

    Being parent is a blessing but in every day routine, work, responsibilities I just missed to notice that how blessed I am, thank you Respected Sudha ma’am your Parenting tips are so simple to execute & yet so powerful in creating such a wonderful bond.
    Thank you ma’am

  2. Chainika

    Truely when we hug children it gives us the immense pleasure. It make us forget everything. They are the true strength of family. Playing with our children is next to forget your worries listening music. I love tog children without any reason and thanks to the cuteness overloaded in them.

  3. Jyoti Gambhir

    Thankyou Ma’am 🙏. For me, it’s a great platform to know about the great Parenting tips and it really works. Thanks to you Honourable Sudha ma’am.

  4. Neeraj

    We Hug our kids everyday as they are loveable
    To make them more comfortable so that they does not feel lone
    To listen them , try to understand their everyday topics, make them feel that we are with them everytime.
    They are precious and we parents feel proud to be !
    We gives hug no matter they do mistakes , annoying nature etc.
    Love to kids has no line of stopage.

    Loves from
    Nivisha Ram rakhyani

  5. Somya Agarwal

    The function was wonderful…Vanya enjoyed it alot…Also it boosted up Vanya’s confidence she was very much happy after the presentation and she was telling about her performance to her sister, father and everyone… And I want to give a special thanks to shivani mam for making vanya a part of this awesome presentation… Thanku so much mam 😊

  6. Chandra Bhanu Mohanta

    Yes it is true that hugging gives a sense of confidence and reduces misunderstanding among the two. It can also be seen as transfer of energy.

  7. Ruchi Sirohi

    Beautiful Article indeed and I second evey thought written above. It is very important to express your love and care towards your children out of all hustle bustle and busy life…

    A simple hug not only make a child feel safe secured loved and cared but also takes all your worries away in that moment…

    I hug my child every day not only once but several times to make her feel good and to feel good myself..

  8. Shikha

    Not only are hugs good for children’s brain development and physical growth, but they also support emotional development. It helps to encourage the kids to express their emotions and feelings when they don’t know how to tell anything to their parents

  9. Shikha

    Yes it is right that a hug is necessary for kids.it helps to maintain bridge the gap between them n their parents.It helps to encourage the kids to express their emotions and feelings when they don’t know how to tell anything to their parents.it helps in their proper growth and development

  10. Rashmi

    No medice can help me as much as a hug from you can. All my burdens go away every time I get a bear hug from you. You are special and presious !

  11. Rashmi

    No medicine can help as much as a hug from you can. All my burdens go away every time when I get a bear hug from you. You are special for me and precious too!

  12. Dr Irfan

    Mother’s pride is not just about teaching, it also focuses on positive parenting. I could see a sea of change in my kids pre and post admission. Thankful to the brilliant teachers they got.

  13. Teenu Gupta

    Very true words .. kids long for their parents love … Through hugs nd kisses .. strengthen our bonds .. they get more comfortable ….. Thanks a ton

  14. Vishnupriya

    Thank you respectable Sudha ma’am for sharing these helpful parenting tips with us. Nowadays, it’s very important to be aware about how to be a responsible parent.You are doing a great work by spreading the awareness.

  15. Ritu Hooda

    I keep hugging my son from the time he wakes up till he goes to sleep 100s of time everyday. It works like an energy booster for both of us and he wakes up everyday with a smile on his face. And I just love to see that.

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