Creativity: Creating Genius

To create is an innate human desire, the most consummate skill and the mark of true genius. Our curriculum is designed to immerse children in activities that inculcate creativity and divergent thinking as a habit and skill.

Curiosity: The Joy of Learning

A curious mind is a healthy mind. Our classrooms are forever bubbling with quality questions. We believe that curiosity is the first step towards critical thinking. Consequently, our faculty works patiently to stimulate and satiate the curiosity of our tiny tots.

Confidence: The Greatest Gift

Confidence building is a gradual process and not a string of endless empty compliments. Through classroom chores and activities we instil a sense of accomplishment in children that motivates them to accept challenges and explore novel avenues.

Imagination: A Vision of Possibilities

Imagination is an extension of reason, a skill that permits us to immerse in a world of possibilities. Often, the playful imagination of children becomes the stepping-stone to the world of knowledge. When children are allowed to imagine, concepts come to life and learning becomes permanent.

Art: A Catalyst of Growth

Aesthetic appreciation is not just limited to arts; it creates a connection between a child’s cognitive and emotional intelligence. A planned and systematic approach towards aesthetic appreciation of arts helps children to transfer their acquired skills to other subjects and eventually to life.

Growing towards Greatness

Talent today has diversified beyond imagination; our dedicated faculty works meticulously to identify, value and polish the unique talent of each child. When children grow from their strengths and passions, they feel empowered to attain glory and greatness.

Fine Motor Skills: Perfecting Small Movements

Mastery over fine motor skills is a crucial part of early childhood development. Be it the palmar arches, wrist stability, intrinsic hand muscle development or bilateral hand skills, our teachers ensure that children acquire these skills successfully to move ahead in their life and academic journey.

Gross Motor Skills: Milestones Made Easy

Strengthening gross motor skills is more complex than it appears. With meticulously planned curricular and co-curricular activities, our teachers help children carefully develop their gross motor skills through practice and repetition in a controlled and coordinated environment.

School: A Space for Adventure

Our school’s infrastructure and teaching material are designed to provide children opportunities to learn, explore and grow organically. We encourage curiosity and reward creativity both inside and outside the classroom.

Art in Action

Integrating arts in education has immediate and visible outcomes. Immersing children in arts channelizes their energies in a positive direction. A hands-on approach to art education provides a medium to connect with school curriculum and new knowledge.

Mother's Pride

Mother’s Pride is the first pre-school which actually provides ample space to stimulate over all development of tiny tots. Each branch of Mother’s Pride is like castle of joy spread over an area up to one acre.

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