Extensive expertise & experience in leading administrative functions.
Ms. Harpreet Sahni has been competently serving Presidium/Mother's Pride since last 13 years. With 10 years of experience in leading administrative functions, Ms. Sahni currently holds the Chief Nodal Officer position for the school.

Being accredited with certified and highly prestigious training sessions, both in the country and outside, she proves to be an individual with equipped knowledge and wisdom. Her proficiency and ability to deal with arduous situations, makes her the perfect leader in the effective streamlining of the administrative functions throughout the branches. With the zeal to excel in all tasks at hand, she eminently takes care of facilities management, inventory control, support and employment of services for various departments. She is also a key contributor in developing annual and long-range plans to support and advance strategic goals for the overall organization. She has taken commendable initiatives in managing and motivating the members of the staff to yield unmatched output for the betterment of the organization.

Being a veteran in the education industry, Ms. Sahni has proven herself to be a dynamic professional, setting exemplary standards for all. She has been an extremely valuable asset to the organization who has already established herself as an ideal benchmark for others.

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